Server and backend migration including switch to HTTPS

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It's been a while but we are happy to announce some improvements: the whole backend of our site was migrated to a new framework. Thanks to our own framework wizard we searched for the best fitting solution to use and found the best and efficient one for our project.

Server infrastructure migration

Besides the backend we also moved our entire server infrastructure too and we are using the most up-to-date software now to deliver a noticeable quick delivery of every page of us. This change led the way…

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Many new reviews, frameworks and a new tutorial

New Android tutorial

You may noticed that Bestwebframeworks is now impressively faster than ever, because we made some minor and major improvements on the backend of our code.

New reviews and new JavaScript tutorial

Besides that enhancement many new reviews were written and are now unlocked. You are able to view them on the overview page of the framework reviews and the new tutorial about how to debug remote JavaScript on your Android device for e.g. mobile applications.

New web frameworks

The new PHP frameworks are Slim, Silex, Laravel

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Comparison wizard, enhancements and page speedup

Wizard and enhancements

A lot of minor changes were made which are visible and some aren't at Bestwebframeworks. Many of them are documented at our Twitter account @webframeworks like the removing of the job section, bug fixing of the tutorials paginator, enhancements at our framework review section, a page speedup via removing and combining of minified JavaScript, the switch to HTML5 and the updated web frameworks usage.

New framework comparison wizard

Besides all these minor changes we have a brand-new framework compare wizard area where you are able to select…

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New tutorials and published reviews

New tutorials

Some time ago we published a new tutorial about how to sharp images with the Graphics Draw (GD) in PHP. Furthermore we have also a new unique tutorial how to use the brand new Battery API which is already implemented in modern web browsers. In this guide we treat how to achieve a low charge notification.

New framework reviews

Besides that new published/activated also new web framework reviews about known frameworks like Django, web2py or Kohana and some more...

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Web framework usage and benchmarks added

Web frameworks usage

On Bestwebframeworks is it now possible to add web framework reviews, jobs, tutorials and quizzes without the need of a registration.

Your could do now all the listed actions without an account but it's recommend to register one.

Web frameworks usage

To get an overview how often all the different web frameworks are used, BWF implemented an overview about the most used frameworks - with data based on the Stack Exchange API.

Web framework benchmarks

Another often wished implementation was the benchmark overview of frameworks which was…

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