Server and backend migration including switch to HTTPS

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It's been a while but we are happy to announce some improvements: the whole backend of our site was migrated to a new framework. Thanks to our own framework wizard we searched for the best fitting solution to use and found the best and efficient one for our project.

Server infrastructure migration

Besides the backend we also moved our entire server infrastructure too and we are using the most up-to-date software now to deliver a noticeable quick delivery of every page of us. This change led the way to swap to secure connections to our server for our users.

Quizzes removed

Our whole framework quiz section was removed by today as we wanted to focus more on the framework and tutorial section. If you are searching for a jQuery quiz, TutorialsPoint has a more extensive one to try out.

Framework usage redesigned

The global usage of frameworks on our page was redesigned and improved which makes the comparison much easier and clearer than before.

Updated frameworks

Besides several minor changes on BWF we also updated a lot of the framework links to the documentation or the website of each corresponding framework. Each of them was updated manually to ensure the smoothes interaction on our site.

Complete switch over to HTTPS

Thanks to the open certificate authority Let's Encrypt we are pleased to usher in the move of every our pages to HTTPS. Unsecured requests will be redirected to a secure connection from now on to ensure better privacy and security. If you are missing anything or generally have a question feel free to contact us anytime.

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Published by on 22nd September 2017

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