Wakanda has three distinct parts, each of which offers a number of functions. The pages linked below will give you a greater understanding of what Wakanda is, which will in turn make your development with Wakanda easier. Along the way, you'll find links to documentation, short videos and examples to help you along.

Learn about the architecture and how it works, then follow the provided examples. You'll then be all set to start developing business web applications.

  • Wakanda Server - At the heart of Wakanda runs this faceless server providing a super-rapid datastore, an HTTP server and a home for all of your application's business logic.
  • Wakanda Studio - Design your datastore classes. Create your business logic. Draw up your GUI. All visually.
  • Wakanda Framework - This is what makes Wakanda applications work across so many browsers and mobile devices – the framework that provides the widgets and the transactional layer with the server.
  • Workflow - Developing and deploying your web apps with Wakanda is pretty straightforward. Learn the process at a glance.
  • Hello Wakanda - Every platform has its "Hello World" example. Here's our version.
  • Quickstart and more - Visit Wakanda's extensive documentation site to learn all the basics of development and beyond
  • Roadmap - Wakanda is a work in progress and – as an open source product – will continue to be. Get an overview of what's coming up for the platform.

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