The PHP Fat-Free Framework makes it easy to build entire Web sites in a jiffy. With the same power and brevity as modern Javascript toolkits and libraries, Fat-Free helps you write better-looking and more reliable PHP programs. One glance at your PHP source code and anyone will find it easy to understand, how much you can accomplish in so few lines of code, and how powerful the results are.

Unlike other frameworks that require you to spend an hour or so to read the users' manual, waste your time on a truck load of configuration options just to display your first "Hello, World" in your browser, mislead you into believing "fast is everything", and force you to follow a strict set of difficult-to-navigate directory structures and obtrusive programming steps, Fat-Free gives you a lot of freedom - and style - to get the work done with ease and in less time.

Having Fat-Free as part of your toolkit does not mean your code will be governed by it. Although your programming habits may change a bit because of the elegant design patterns and compact command set available, you control which features you need. You can accomplish a lot even if you use just a subset of what's available.

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