Zoop is a recursive acronym which stands for Zoop Object Oriented PHP Framework.

The Zoop Framework is stable, scalable, and portable. Far from being Yet Another PHP Framework or Rails clone, it's been in development since 2001 and in production use for the last 6 years in a number of different environments. It's designed to be fast, efficient, modular, and extensible. Although it predates the recent proliferation of PHP MVC frameworks, it not only supports but encourages separation of display, logic and data layers.

With Zoop an inexperienced coder can make secure web applications quickly. More experienced coders will appreciate the design and flexibility. Both will benefit from the shortcuts it provides to handle common and mundane tasks.

Zoop's integrated error handling can be configured to log errors for production environments, and is highly informative and readable which makes bugs easy to find and squash.

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