The Adventure PHP Framework gets on as an aid for the implementation of object orientated, generic and reusable PHP applications. Various OO design pattern and a set of coding conventions offer solutions for known problems.

Hence, the framework is a programmer's help and not a ready-to-install application which merely must be configured. The design of the software can only be created by the developer itself and the framework can only support the implementation!


The Adventure PHP Framework (APF) includes a strong kernel. Based on the Page controller, the framework can be adapted to you needs very easily. Further, the core-supporting components are helping you to let efficient development happen.


The APF contains various security mechanisms to develop secure web applications. Hacking & the APF 2009/2010 analyzes the last year of operation and describes the mechanisms provided.


In our opinion, performance is an important issue! To ensure this, the APF kernel is designed for maximum performance. Thus, the APF winns the RPS-Benchmark!


Driven by the community and the APF developers, each release contains new features that make web application development a pleasure even more. The Roadmap describes the technical innovations that will be included in the next releases.

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