DHTMLX is a JavaScript library that includes a full range of user interface components for building rich web applications. The components can be easily combined in a consistent dynamic interface with cross-browser support and high level of interactivity via Ajax. Each component is a separate module with its own script API, so you also may use them independently to implement some specific functionality of your application.

The library can be used with any server-side technology - PHP, Java, .Net, Ruby, Grails, Python, Cold Fusion, and so on. For some of them we have developed special adapters - dhtmlxConnectors - that help developers to integrate the client-side JavaScript components with the backend logic.

You can obtain and use DHTMLX components bundled or standalone. What's nice about using the Suite is that logic model of the components and API creation approach are similar - that simplifies understanding of the library and speeds up the development process.

Mutual integration of the components (for example, drag-n-drop between Tree, Grid and TreeGrid, or Windows integration into the Layout, Tabbar, or Accordion), in its turn, provides more opportunities for creation of user-friendly web interfaces. On top of that, DHTMLX framework provides skin inheritance, which means that a skin set for the Layout will be applied to the attached components as well.

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