My Library is an outstanding browser scripting library (also known as an Ajax library). Feel free to make it your library! It is now offered under an MIT license.

Cloudy Outlook?

Is your Web presence or Intranet being held back by sub-standard front-end code? If you've had the sneaking suspicion that most browser scripting projects are not ready for prime time, let us be the first to confirm your suspicions. Virtually all of them are sizzle without solid substance. When those who seek to save you time and money are constantly reinventing their own wheels, you know you have a serious problem.

Here Comes the Sun!

Starting this spring, will be the home of Cinsoft, a startup that will provide world-class browser scripting solutions and professional support for My Library (as well as any other Javascript library or framework). With the help of a local angel investor, we are gearing up to help you!

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