$fx() is a tiny, self-contained Javascript library for animating HTML elements. It doesn't require any other library to function and [should] play well with any other libraries you are using (Prototype, JQuery, Moo tools, etc.).

$fx() allows you to alter any CSS property along a timeline, allowing animated effects to play in succession - i.e. in the order you want them to. It handles all of the headaches of timer controls and makes it easy to animate anything from simple, subtle animations to more elaborate animations. $fx() also offers the ability to combine adjustments to CSS properties for combined effects, and allows you to set multiple callbacks, offering more flexibility.


  • CSS properties (and more!) adjustment along a time line
  • Parallel effect sets and effect chains
  • Extended set of callbacks to adjust behavior
  • Parallax Scrolling
  • Less than 4kb!

Source: Inetcat