ColdBox is an event-driven, convention-based ColdFusion Development Platform. It provides a set of reusable code and tools that can be used to increase your development productivity as well as a development standard for working in team environments. ColdBox is comprehensive and modular which helps address most infrastructure concerns of typical ColdFusion applications. It also goes places that other frameworks do not.

Why ColdBox?

  • Convention Based Framework; no nasty configuration files. Leverage the power of conventions!
  • More than an MVC framework; also a development toolkit and an event-driven remote framework.
  • Easily build Flex/Air/Remote applications with enterprise debugging, caching and monitoring.
  • ColdBox provides typical application aspects like bug reporting, logging, enterprise caching, debugging tools, i18N, pretty URL's, ORM integration and much more.
  • ColdBox is an ideal framework for test-driven projects as it includes all kinds of unit-testing and mocking capabilities.
  • ColdBox is backed by Ortus Solutions, Corp which offers a wide gamut of professional open source services and products.

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