Bestwebframeworks Version 3 launched!

Version 2

After many many work hours and some sleepless nights is version 3 of Bestwebframeworks (BWF) now finally online!

The first thing you'll notice will be the new design which should be clearer and more accessible for comparison and the viewing experience.

The new version includes more web framework languages such as HTML5, Smalltalk and Serverside JavaScript, you could now also follow the Bestwebframeworks twitter account, +1 via Google+ or like BWF. The review section is now clearer and you could view each framework itself with all reviews (incl. average rating) if you wish.


As seen here BWF has now a news section where news about BWF itself and web framework related topics/news will be published.


BWF has now a tutorials section where you could find introductions but also tips and tricks about web technologie topics and you could also add tutorials.


Another new section is the job section: You can view job adverts and get new freelancer jobs through it or if you need freelancers you could add your own job advert.


Here you could find web framework related quizzes where you could prove if you are a expert or not and share your results through Twitter. It's also possible to create your own quizzes which will be checked then by an Administrator and hopefully approved.


Please send me all your feedback about the new version through the contact form.

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Published by on 5th October 2011