Tekuna is a compact framework for web-based applications. It provides a stable basis and a generic infrastructure for your projects. Tekuna has a very small footprint and will not pollute your codebase with unnecessary stuff.

Tekuna's Features

  • Component-oriented Definition of the Application
  • Intuitive Routing of Actions to Controllers
  • Friendly URLs with URI Routing
  • MVC Architecure
  • PHP Error handling with Exceptions (and thus catchable)
  • Separate Request and Response Objects
  • Strict Input Filtering
  • Eliminating the Effects of Magic Quotes
  • Full UTF-8 Support
  • Support for multiple Template Engines
  • Simple Multilanguage Support

Non-functional Features

  • It's Open Source
  • Small Codebase with about 3000 SLOC
  • Provides a generic Project Structure
  • Improves Reusability
  • Fully Unit-tested
  • 100% E_STRICT and E_DEPRECATED Compliant (Produces no Errors, Warnings or Notices)
  • Supports PHP 5.3
  • Combinable with many other Frameworks (e.g. other Templating, ORM, Unit-Testing)
  • Object-Oriented Architecture
  • Geared to Java Programming and Naming Style

Source: Tekuna