Ease of use, intuitive project architecture and conventions maximize developer productivity and reduce learning & ramp-up time from weeks to a matter of minutes, thus greatly improving IT ROI.

Performance, unique system utilizes a bare minimum of resources and can be configured to operate entirely from RAM without any disk access resulting in a huge performance advantage and substantially greater traffic-handling capacity per server.

Extensive toolset includes interfaces to Google (maps, translation, charts, payments), social networking (Twitter, Meetup, Facebook), e-commerce (credit card validation & processing, automatic-SSL, PayPal), tag clouds, forums, embedded rich-media (YouTube, MP3), wiki, short-URL generation and much more!

Standards-compliant with nearly every web-development standard eases maintenance while maximizes reliability and cross-browser consistency. Vork is XHTML 1.1, MVC, Section 508 accessible, object-oriented, adherent to coding best-practices and more.

Universal compatibility with every PHP-based platform and mainstream database.

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