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Have been using it for 10 months's just awesome. You can learn it really fast and develop web apps in small amount of time.
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Vaadin is one of the only ways to have a pro looking web application (not a website) and protect your logic through the server side coding.
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I found DHTMLX much easier to learn and use other frameworks I tried. The APIs are well-documented and clear. The grid and charts are great! To get up to speed quickly, there is a new book called "Learning DHTMLX Suite UI" that I found very useful in getting...
Symfony 2
3 / 5 Star Star Star
They have dropped Symfony 1 convention over configuration. They forced developers to learn Twig for templating. They introduced an unmanageable bureaucratic structure for classes and namespaces. Symfony 1 was way better, it only had some issues with automatic forms, but they dropped all backward compatibility to create this...
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Vaadin is the link that tie me up to Java. I never thought that JAVA could really be factible for professional bussiness. It´s incredible this software
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Very nice framework, very robust layouts. Worked with YAML for years now. Always happy with the results. Documentation is super. Just say Thank you to Dirk Jesse (the creator).
2 / 5 Star Star
Easy to learn and fairly powerful, but an awful implementation of the MVC concept. Data must be defined 3 times: once in the model for storage, once in the view for the input fields and once in the controller for validation. This is a lot of code duplication...
1 / 5 Star
Very poorly supported framework from the creators of the equally poor 4D RDBMS. Little to no community and very few examples of real world usage mean this is incredibly hard to recommend up against the likes of Node.js
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