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Follow the convention of Old Centuries do not get good libraries... not happy to use it in a huge data uploading application.
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- Framework is indeed powerful, secure and easy to learn - It's not only MVC, but HMVC, which is an amazing feature (see the main website for explanation), I don't understand why the other frameworks do not adopt this concept - Documentation is a little poor, that's why I give...
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"After fighting with the EXTJS framework and their terrible, less-than-intuitive components, I gave these people a try. What a breath of fresh air. Everything I've worked with is simple and direct and comprehensive and intuitive. Who could ask for anything more?". Totally agreed; yes "what a breath of fresh...
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Very powerful and lightweight framework. Easy to learn, its easy understand and you can also refer user guide and superb framework in PHP.
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It is a good framework and a bit similar to CakePHP. The template design is weak, but it can be customized to a much greater extent.
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- Very slow (sandbox execution time, links generation) - Fragmentent and innconsistent development - You can find serious bugs in stable versions (Nette Database) Do not recommend anyone for serious projects.
Zend Framework
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Zend Framework! All of the ZF sources are open and easy to use. You can't choose any framework without taking a look on ZF.
Symfony 2
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Exelente Possui uma verdadeira biblioteca virtual, documentação e exemplos não faltam. Grande Framework
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