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Django is home to several websites of mine. It's holds up extremely well and it much cheaper to develop and maintain than so many other frameworks I hear about. Just look at the explosion of popularity for Python jobs on indeed and you will understand why Django is...
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Great, easy to learn, structured, not so much esoteric! I really love this framework and I think everyone should see this before making a choice.
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Excellent! Works like I expected, couldn't be more happy with this. You have to read a lot to use it, indeed.
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Been using since 2010. Never needed an update. Works in everything, even the worst browsers ever produced by MS.
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Phalcon is undoubtedly one of the most fast frameworks out there, and that's its strong point. On the other hand, the documentation is a bit disorganized, Web tools (code generator) has major issues in Windows, and it is still lacking a bit more of a community to help...
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It is very secure and highly structured framework. It just beat .net. Very user friendly. CakePHP is fully MVC.
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Follow the convention of Old Centuries do not get good libraries... not happy to use it in a huge data uploading application.
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- Framework is indeed powerful, secure and easy to learn - It's not only MVC, but HMVC, which is an amazing feature (see the main website for explanation), I don't understand why the other frameworks do not adopt this concept - Documentation is a little poor, that's why I give...
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